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Trampoline Bridge


Flying 35 Feet Into The Air On The World’s First Trampoline Bridge

In 2012 the idea of building a trampoline bridge over the River Seine in Paris virally spread around the globe. The guys at Dunking Devils Squad took note of the buzz. 9 years later and inspired by their 2019 viral video of the world’s biggest trampoline, the one that got featured by the likes of CNN, Fox News and Ellen Degeneres, they now successfully merged both concepts to create the […]

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Top Extreme Sports Destinations in the US : Maui, Hawaii

With beautiful warm blue seas and sandy white beaches, Maui is an obvious choice for those with a passion for fast paced water sports. However, this island’s volcanic landscapes and mountainous terrain also make it ideal for a number of our land-based adventure sports. For ocean enthusiasts there are wonderful opportunities for scuba diving and snorkelling around the Molokini Crater, a volcanic atoll just off the south west coast of […]

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Extreme Sports And Its Safety Side

What would you class as an extreme sport ? Are all sports classed as extreme? If not where does it become a form of extreme sport? All sports come with dangers and injuries some more than others, but the same can be said for the jobs people hold down in everyday life. So is Football or Tennis classed as a form of extreme sport ? If someone was to say […]

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