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Robert Hood


Robert Hood returns to Rekids with ‘The Blueprint EP’ this July

Following 2020’s ‘Mirror Man’ LP on Radio Slave’s Rekids, Detroit pioneer Robert Hood returns to the label with a four-track EP of his trailblazing minimal techno. Leading the release, ‘Chroma Light’ opens with cinematic pads and pounding 4/4 patterns as twisted synthesis modulates throughout for a striking start. Followed by ‘The Majestic (Deeper Edit)’, with rattling percussion and fiercely relentless stabs, Hood shows his intent in creating propulsive, dancefloor focussed cuts across the […]

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Logic Pro


How to Sample Hardware Easily Using Logic Pro’s Auto Sampler

For this tutorial, Point Blank show how you can sample any instrument and turn it into a VST in Logic Pro, using Auto Sampler. Auto Sampler makes it easy to create sampler instruments that you can use in MainStage and Logic Pro. You can create a sampler instrument from a MIDI-capable hardware synthesizer, from a software instrument, or from a combination of synthesizers, software instruments, and effect plug-ins. Want to learn […]

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A new study has found that patients with post-traumatic stress disorder could see a relief of symptoms within weeks if treated with MDMA, as Mixmag reports. New York-based organisation Mind Medicine has conducted a trial to test the likelihood of ecstasy being used medicinally, giving patients the party drug before counselling and therapy sessions. 90 participants took part in the trial, half of which were given the drug while the […]

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Berghain, the best Techno club


Clubs In Berlin Officially Declared As ‘Cultural Institutions’

A vote in favour of Berlin clubs becoming cultural institutions opposed to entertainment sites was passed by an overwhelming majority yesterday, May 5, by the Berlin Building, Housing and Urban Development committee. If the new law is passed, clubs will be offered additional support and protections, including financial aid to overcome the economic impact of the pandemic, tax breaks, permits allowing them to operate in wider areas of the city […]

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You Won’t Need To Take A Coronavirus Test or Quarantine Upon Arrival

Ibiza will not require travellers to take a coronavirus test or quarantine upon arrival this summer, as Mixmag reports. Officials in Ibiza even went as far to say they want to be the first place in the world to allow tourists to enter using a vaccine certificate or ‘passport’ as it’s also been called. Spain will be part of the European Union’s ‘Digital Green Certificate’ scheme which allows travellers to […]

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